How to Use LED Grow Lights for Growing?

Growing with LED grow lights in an indoor garden is not quite the same with growing a led 2garden in an outdoor environment. It is easier to grow any plant in an outdoor environment than growing it in an indoor environment because there are a lot of things to take care of in the indoor environment. For example, if you are growing an indoor garden with growing LED lights, you should be able to adjust the height of your light and also be able to regulate it so that your plants will have moments of rest as well as sufficient light. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Make sure that your plants have enough light

One of the commonest mistakes among indoor plant growers is not installing enough LED lights for growing in their gardens. Before you buy your growing LED lights, one of the considerations you have taken is the dimension of your garden. It is necessary that you purchase as many LED lights bulbs as will be enough to provide sufficient lights for your plants. Lights are very necessary for your plants because they require them in order to make their foods. Some people do not have sufficient lights in their garden and this affects the health as well as the growth of their plants. So, the first tip to apply when growing with LED light is to ensure that you have enough light in your garden.

Keep the LED grow lights away from the lights at the proper distance

The distance between your LED lights and your plants affects growth and photosynthetic process of your plants. If your lights and plants are not kept away or separated at the right distance, your plants will not grow well because the photosynthetic process will be negatively affected. As a rule of the thumb, you should increase the distance between your lights and the canopy of your plants as the light becomes more intense. In other words, the power rating or wattage of your hydroponic LED grow lights will determine the distance between the lights and plants. If you are using a LED lights for growing of 240 wattage for example, the distance between your plants and the LED light should be about 16-30 inches from the top canopy. But if the wattage of your lights is about 450 watts, you should hang them at 20-30 inches from the top of the canopy.

Maintain the temperature

It is true that growing LED lights do not generate much heat as other types of grow lights, it is necessary for you to regulate the temperature of your grow room. For maximum growth of your plants, you should ensure that the ambient temperature of your grow room when the lights are on is about 82 degrees and then 72 degrees when they lights have been put off during the rest time. During the cold weather or winter period, make sure that you keep the temperature under control. Check it always and if there is a need to boost up, you can heat up your grow room a little bit with your heater.

Reduce the quantity of water given to the plants

You may wonder why you should reduce the amount of water that you should ordinarily provide to your plants. If you are growing your plants in an outdoor environment with sun lights or in a grow room with other types of lights, you will require more water because of high heat or temperature to which the plants are subjected to. Under such condition, more water is lost through evaporation. But grow light as you know do not generate much heat and thus little amount of water is lost through evaporation. So, the plants’ need for water will be less. This is the reason why you should reduce the amount water that you should have ordinarily provided to your plants.

Provide your plant with the right feeding

The nutrition requirement of plants grown under LED grow lights is not the same with the nutrition requirements of plants grown under other types of lights. Your plants will require about 30% of feeding if you are growing them with LED lights for growing rather than HPS lighting. It is also advisable that you include CalMag in the nutrition of your plants if you are growing them with LED.

Distribute the lights to all places using a reflector

The importance of a reflector in indoor grow room with LED lights cannot be overemphasized. If you install reflectors in your grow room, they will help to distribute the lights get to all the points you would want them to reach. With reflectors all the plants will get their lights.